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  • 'All Three' - Tapenade Heaven

    'All Three' - Tapenade Heaven

    A truly exceptional gift for the gastronome.  A jar of each of our tapenades delivered to the door - how good is that?

    $40.00 - $40.00
  • Backgammon Tapenade

    Backgammon Tapenade

    "I once travelled from Oxfordshire to Khartoum during which a companion taught me Backgammon. Through good fortune and judicious use of the dice I won just over οΎ£1m. The debt remains but the memory lingers." - Peter

    $14.50 - $14.50
  • Petanque Tapenade

    Petanque Tapenade

    "This one is unique, try it heaped on hot toast as a snack. At home we normally serve it to all the participants at the end of our family versus friends Sunday Petanque tournament." - Peter

    $14.50 - $14.50
  • Tournament Tapenade

    Tournament Tapenade

    Our favourite entree and occasional breakfast ingredient. Perfect with cheese, or with poached eggs on toast as a hearty breakfast. Now, matters of importance - the Boules tournament beside the age-old macadamia tree.

    $14.50 - $14.50